Tales of Zestiria-Kamui Modes (HD)

Yay this morning me and my mom went to the Neko Cafè, and it was wonderful *w* There were 7 beautiful cats, though I couldn’t take any photos because they were sleeping, and I didn’t want to disturb them. Maybe next time (we will go in the afternoon to see the difference xD).

I’m really happy that nothing happened to my health, not even a sneeze *w* now I have the confirm that I can stay in a place with cats (not like with dogs, that after 5 minutes I’m starting to feel really sick -just staying in the same room without touching them- ), let’s see when I will touch them xD

Then, when I was back home, I met my doorkeeper that gave me the package with my ToX2 copy *___* I didn’t expect it today *_* I can finally start playing tomorrow *___* The steelcase is really cool.

Is it fate? xD A place full of cats and a game full of cats in the same day? X°D

Anyway, I will do the liveblogging thing like I did with Xillia and Symphonia, and I will use the tag “neyla plays xillia 2”, so feel free to blacklist it if you don’t want to see the posts. If there are spoilers, I will use the “Read More” option and tag them as “tales of xillia 2 spoiler”

Not that I will write so much anyway.




The pin-up poster in the October 2014 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine features Yuri and Repede on the front, and Tales of Link on the back!

Under the cut because of possible ToX2 spoilers

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…”embryo”? XD

"Embryo" is creepy, SUPER creepy X°D

Imagine Alvin after a battle:

Alvin: Oh my little Embryo, you did a great job *hugs gun*
Everyone else: O___O

just… no X°D

The name on Alvin’s gun?

It’s years that I wanted to find out what’s written on Alvin’s gun, since there’s definitely written something in Elympios characters, but in none of the official materials there’s written something about it, so I took the best screenshot I made about the gun (the second in the photoset), and started to study it.

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"With each hit she gets stronger, and she uses that energy to fight back. That’s why she’s special."

Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima || Art © GREE
Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima || Art © GREE